Delfabro - Fox Srl


A house, an apartment, an office interior project is a process that must be shared with the customer, in the timing and in the development of all the works. With patience, perseverance and to give each step appropriate value.
Rely on us, tell us your wishes and needs, let yourself be guided by our team.

A trained team that collaborates with various professionals. We never work alone, we have a wide cultural background and many sources to take from.

We ask for opinions and, if necessary, we are joined by other collaborators, architects, designers who have a different experience, but complementary to ours.
We are like you, eager to see you satisfied with your home.

When you listen well to the client and create a trusty relationship, you cannot go wrong either on the project and on the budget and on the result itself.
For better explanation, we have divided the projects and consultancy that are generally requested to give a concrete value to our work, apart from the pure furniture sale.
Whenever the furniture, that is part of the project, is purchased at delfabro, the costs of our design are deducted, based on a fair proportion.