Delfabro - Fox Srl
  • From a desire to the real project
    The first approach is very important. It is the moment when we get to know each other, to deeply talk, to explain your desires, the ideas, the doubts.
    We start to plan the way to go on and the goal to achieve.
    This is why it is important to take an appointment and meet in person or in a video call with some time and in relax.
    It is time to look at the future of your home.
  • delfabro® orario timetable
    For some time we had been thinking of changing the opening showroom hours to the public.
    Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and the change in the approach to sale and project market, our customers got more used to take an appointment.
    We highly suggest to make an appointment.
    You can always visit our showroom during the opening hours to the public. But, when it comes to design properly your home space and your well-being, it is correct to take the necessary time and to be followed by a professional for the various reflections, ideas, desires and to understand which are the most suitable materials and products available on the market
    Allowing yourself a quick visit lacks in seeing all the potential that the right furniture in your home can give you.
    For appointments and information:
  • Milan Furniture Fair June 2022.
    Enough of dark colours!
    Over with doom atmospheres!

    Get on with lightning, light and pastel colours,
    curved lines, arches and vaults.

    Outdoor is glittering and there’s a looking for freedom
    and for all natural materials to create relaxing and cocoon environments.
  • New Modulnova space
    20 09 202
    We have dedicated the upper floor of our showroom to a company that has been able to interpret the contemporary home evolution
    in the new millennium.
    A wide research and matching of innovative and traditional materials, proposed in design solutions that correspond to the desire for comfort, peace and serenity that we want to give to our home nowadays.
    Take an appointment and come and visit the space
    we would like to guide you and advise you on what to use for your new home or renovation.